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Mediation or meditation?

After asking anyone who stood still for long enough, 'what is mediation?' it has become apparent that most people do not really know what mediation is. It is also apparent that if that question is searched online, the…

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How neighbour disputes can get out of hand.

Dealing with nuisance neighbours can take over your life. Whether the dispute is over noise, boundaries, kids or shared access to driveways, a poor relationship with those that live close to us can cause untold stress and misery not to mention a fortune in legal bills. A report published…

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How Do I Resolve a Dispute with my Builder or any other Tradesman?

If you have had any work carried out at your home and there is a problem which has been caused by the tradesman, you are entitled to get it put right or get some or all of…

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A true life example of why you must try mediation.

Jack and Jill were a couple: they were young, inexperienced and naïve, yet despite the difficulties and challenges in their relationship, they were doing pretty well - Jack had a good…

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European Code of Conduct for Mediators

The European Code of Conduct for Mediators sets out the following principles: 1. COMPETENCE AND APPOINTMENT OF MEDIATORS 1.1 Competence Mediators shall be competent and knowledgeable in the process of mediation. Relevant factors shall include…

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How Does Your Mediator Add Value?

Guest post by Bernard Morrow - Morrow Mediation

Most of us don't go to the symphony to watch the conductor or to a sporting event to see the referees in action but imagine the chaos without their participation. In the same vein, you're unlikely to have…

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High Hedge Disputes and How to Resolve Them Successfully

In this article, we are going to look at the problematic subject of high hedges and what you can do…

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