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About Us

Throughout our years of experience we have dealt with a wide variety of people, issues and matters of dispute.

We are acutely aware that the court experience for many is a daunting one and have witnessed first hand, the result of the cuts to legal aid and the number of people that now have to represent themselves in court. This leads to all sorts of difficulties as parties find themselves in imposing surroundings, struggling to understand court processes and legal jargon.

It is for these reasons that Van Beers Mediation was born. We are determined that everyone shall have access to a method of dispute resolution without having to resort to court action.

Unlike many other mediators or solicitors, we take a common sense, straight-talking approach to everything we do. This enables us to help you to break stalemates and avoid the high costs of court proceedings.

Our expertise will assist you in reaching an agreement with the other party, regardless of what the dispute is about. Whether you need mediation on one specific issue or a whole host of issues, we can help.

Our ethos is a simple one ..

We believe in getting your dispute resolved as quickly, painlessly and cost effectively as possible. We do not ask you to fill out endless forms as many mediators and solicitors do. Our no nonsense approach enables us to get to the root of your problems quickly and efficiently, thus reducing the stress suffered by everyone involved in the dispute.

We bring not only our outstanding expertise, but also a huge amount of common sense which enables us to guide you towards an effective resolution - fast.

Linda Van Beers

Member of the Professional Mediators' Association
Member of the Civil Mediation Council

Divorce Mediation Southampton, Separation Mediation Portsmouth, Divorce Mediation Salisbury

Divorce Mediation

Divorce mediation is about assisting you to reach agreement on issues around your own divorce and what is best for the both of you and your children. In mediation, you and your spouse meet with a neutral third party (the mediator) and with their help, you work through the issues you need to resolve so the two of you can end your marriage as amicably and cost effectively as possible.

The issues covered might include:

1. Money and assets

2. Child custody and access

3. Child Support/Maintenance

During mediation, the couple, with the help of the mediator, work out agreements on disputed issues. Sometimes these agreements come easily, sometimes they do not. When agreements are hard to reach, that is when the mediator intervenes. It is the mediator's role to keep the lines of communication open, encourage empathy and assist the couple in their decision-making process. Mediators help keep the couple focused on the issues at hand, trying not to get them off track. When divorcing couples get off track and stray away from the salient issues, chaos can ensue unless the conversation is managed effectively by a skillful mediator.

Mediation is flexible and confidential. It gives you and your spouse a way to settle the conflict between you in a way that helps you to work together as parents. This is extremely important if you have children and assists in promoting positive on-going communication between you and your ex-spouse after you are divorced.

A divorce mediator is neutral and doesn't 'work' for either parent. The mediator remains neutral no matter what the situation and does not give advice to either party.

What the mediator can do though, is assist the divorcing couple in formulating ideas that can eventually lead to agreements that will stand the test of time. That open and free exchange of information frees up both spouses to negotiate with each other in confidence. Because both spouses are working with the same base of information, it usually takes far less time to negotiate a resolution that makes sense to both parties.

Our process is fast and effective at a fixed fee. Call 01489 559694 for free initial telephone consultation.

Divorce Mediation Southampton, Separation Mediation Portsmouth, Divorce Mediation Salisbury

Separation Mediation

If your relationship has broken down and you have decided to separate, the sooner you reach an agreement with regard to your future finances, property and arrangements for children, the better.

We provide a safe environment in which each party has the chance to speak and be fully heard. Both parties are supported to think about the core needs and concerns connected to the dispute and to keep an open mind when looking for solutions that benefit both sides as well as the children.

Mediation will guide you through the settlement negotiations in a way that minimises the financial and emotional harm of separation and protects or repairs the ability of parents to work as a positive parenting team in the future.

Separation can be stressful and traumatic. Mediation can assist in enabling you to reach agreement quickly and is a much less expensive option than going to court. Many clients say that they have found mediation to be a rewarding experience and that it has helped them to develop new and effective ways of communicating with their partner.

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Divorce Mediation Southampton, Separation Mediation Portsmouth, Divorce Mediation Salisbury

Child Arrangements & Family Mediation

Family mediation can help you resolve issues arising from relationship or family breakdowns. It can also help you save money by avoiding using expensive solicitors whose charges can easily run away with you. If you end up going to court, there will be even more costs involved.

Mediation is a private process in which the mediator can help divorcing or separating couples to communicate and find solutions to issues arising from the split. Issues could be to do with finances, property, or children. Getting some of these issues resolved at the beginning can avoid problems escalating and children getting dragged into disputes.

Family mediation is not just for couples going through separation or divorce. It can assist in sorting out any sort of dispute between family members.

Mediation is not as stressful as going through the court process, as there will be less potential for conflict between you and your partner. If you have children it is also much less upsetting for them. It can help find ways for everyone involved to get on better in the future.

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Divorce Mediation Southampton, Separation Mediation Portsmouth, Divorce Mediation Salisbury

Neighbour Mediation

We have all seen from programmes such as 'Neighbours from Hell' that disputes between parties living close to each other, can quickly get out of hand. Many lives have been ruined by disputes that drag on for years and years, costing many tens of thousands of pounds as matters are dragged through the Courts. What starts as a relatively minor matter can quickly escalate causing tension, anger, suspicion and stress.

In effect, a mediator acts as a referee who guides the parties in dispute to a fair and sensible compromise. Mediators are completely neutral and have no vested interest in one side or the other. Their unbiased approached can be invaluable in bringing common sense to bear when warring sides cannot seem to reach agreement or compromise.

Divorce Mediation Southampton, Separation Mediation Portsmouth, Divorce Mediation Salisbury

Workplace Mediation

Workplace mediation provides a positive opportunity for people to resolve practical problems and interpersonal issues. It is cost and time efficient, producing sustainable solutions. Mediation reduces the damage, costs and risks of escalation. It repairs the relationship for the parties involved and restores a healthier environment for all around who are affected by the fall out from the conflict.

Examples might be -

• Allegations of bullying and harassment
• Personality clashes
• Line management tensions
• Grievances in response to management style on
performance management
• Attitude, communication and behavioural issues
• Group & team issues
• Perceived discrimination and cultural conflicts.

Divorce Mediation Southampton, Separation Mediation Portsmouth, Divorce Mediation Salisbury

Grandparents' Access

Grandparents play an increasingly important role in modern family life and probably spend more time with their grandchildren than ever before.

The sad reality is that parental separation can have an adverse effect on your relationship with your grandchildren. In fact, an estimated one million grandparents in Britain are currently being denied contact to their grandchildren as a result of a family breakdown, feud or bereavement

If you have been denied contact or you're worried about losing contact with your grandchildren, we can assist in mediating an agreement between you and your grandchildren's parents, to ensure that you have ongoing contact with the children.

Divorce Mediation Southampton, Separation Mediation Portsmouth, Divorce Mediation Salisbury

LGBTQ Mediation

We are able to assist the LGBTQ community in mediating on a whole range of disputes, whether they relate to divorce, separation, civil partnership dissolution, finance or property issues, child access, nuisance, harassment or any other issue.

Our expert mediators will use their expertise and sensitivity to guide you through the mediation process towards an agreement that will bring closure to your dispute and allow you to move on with your life.

From adoption to ending a relationship, same-sex couples experience many of the same complex relationship issues as heterosexual couples. However there are also problems that are distinctly unique to gay and lesbian couples . Some of these issues stem from social stigma, while others arise from unique obstacles created by the law.

Divorce Mediation Southampton, Separation Mediation Portsmouth, Divorce Mediation Salisbury

Community Disputes

Community mediation is based on the principle that local disputes are best resolved by members of the local community themselves rather than leaving issues to be dealt with by the local authorities. Any dispute between residents, neighbours, landlord/tenant, can be resolved using mediation.

Individuals can often live in fear rather than try to resolve disputes, as they are wary of reprisals. Mediation provides a safe environment in which to encourage civilised discussion with a view to reaching a mutually acceptable agreement.