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Consent Orders

Consent Orders

Thursday 10th March 2022

What is a consent order?

Sometimes referred to as a clean break order, a consent order is an agreement between two consenting adults which details how their marital assets will be split.

A consent order needs to be fair in the eyes of the law.

The grounds for the divorce are not relevant when it comes to the financial settlement
if one party committed adultery, this will not be taken into consideration by the court.

A consent order ensures that all marital assets and debts are dealt with and parties cannot return to court to try and change the agreement in the future.

The divorce process in itself does not sever the financial ties between the parties: This means that an ex-spouse can make it a claim on your finances even if it is years after the divorce.

A consent order is the most cost effective, least stressful, and fastest way to achieve a legally binding financial settlement.

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